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When using the Scout Centre please remember the following:

1.   To use the Premises for the permitted use and for no other purpose;

2.   To report all damage (including accidntal damage) to the building or to the fixtures, fittings or contents;

3.   To provide and maintain your own equipment which may be stored in the centre between sessions as agreed in the area   designated;

4.   To conduct your activities responsibly and not in any way interfere with or affect the enjoyment of the building by Royal   Greenwich District Scouts or by any other users of the centre;

5.   To maintain good order and not to become a nuisance to other users or the occupiers of the adjoining properties;

6.   To respect adjoining properties and their car parking, and to ensure that all people using the premises during your agreed   hours park their cars on the roadside, in no way blocking access of the neighbours to their properties;

7.   To ensure that no undesirable person is permitted to enter, remain or otherwise make use of the centre;

8.   To use your best endeavours to expel any persons trespassing in the centre;


9.   To take reasonable care of the centre and to keep the building  clean and tidy and clear of litter and rubbish;

10. To remove all your generated rubbish from the premises and its surrounding area after each session;

11. To ensure that all the lights in the centre and all other electrical equipment you use are switch off before leaving the building;

12. To ensure that the back exit (fire escape) and main entrance is made properly secure and locked at the end of each session;

13. Not to remove anything owned by Royal Greenwich District Scouts from the centre;

14. To lift (not drag) anything moved in the centre and to return it to its original position after use;

15. Not to permit smoking within the centre.

16. To keep noise and especially music or audio visual sound to an absolute minimum after 10.30pm

17. To exit the building quietly after 10.30pm and not allow people to congregate outside

       the main entrance as they leave the centre.

Royal Greenwich District Scout Centre Responsablities of hirer (Jan 2011).pdf