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The Module MatrIx

The Module Matrix provides a summary of the 38 modules that make up the Adult Training Scheme. The matrix has two sections: the first summarises modules 1 to 4, which make up Getting Started. The second summarises modules 5 to 38, which are completed by the adult depending on their role in Scouting. Delivery methods and a guide to each module’s content are also provided.

The Adults Personal File

The aim of the Adult’s Personal File is to introduce you to The Scout Association’s Adult Training Scheme and to provide you with some tools and information to help you with your training. It covers all appointments in Scouting and so some sections may be more relevant to your role than others. The file will provide you with an explanation of basic Scouting terminology such as the names of appointments, structures and the training planning process. It will also be your record of the progress that you make.