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The Scout Association has been training young people, for over 100 years. Our Leaders have the responsibility of helping these young people to grow and develop socially, spiritually, intellectually and physically. This unique role in the young people’s lives is both challenging and rewarding.

To support adults in Scouting, the Scout Association provides training that builds upon the existing skills, knowledge and experience. The training received is intended to give additional skills and knowledge to ensure that Leaders can carry out that role to the best of their abilities.

The training offered by the Scout Association is divided into 38 modules and Leaders are not expected to complete all of these, only those relevant to their appointment. The modules are divided into four categories i.e. those required to be completed by all appointments, Section Leaders and Section Supporters, Managers, Section and other Supporters and Supplementary modules which would normally be done by those wishing to take part as ‘trainers.’

The Wood badge

The Wood Badge is the internationally recognised Scouting training insignia awarded to adults by Headquarters to denote completion of the course of training required for their role. The Wood Badge consists of two wooden beads threaded onto a leather thong which is worn with Scout uniform.

Scouting training is tailored to an adult’s appointment, and therefore not all appointments are required to work towards a Wood Badge. There are a number of different routes to achieving the Wood Badge, based on an adult’s appointment, and these are outlined in more detail in our minimum module requirements guide. In conjunction with the Module Matrix. An adult is required to complete their Wood Badge within three years of the issue of their provisional appointment.

Once the learner has validated all of the modules necessary for their role the recommendation for award of the Wood Badge can be made.